Arduino Garage Door Opener.

It was made apparent to me by my neighbor Jimy, that I leave my garage door open way too much. Being the nice and helpful guy he is, he sends me a text whenever he notices I went to bed with it still up. Recognizing this fact, and the point that I like my Triumph Motorcycle, and don’t want it to get rolled out of my open garage, I decided I needed to figure out a way to make sure my garage is closed before I go to bed.

I began looking around for options, and found a couple people online doing something with arduino‘s and netduinos, along with a couple of commercial options from Craftsman and the like.  I decided to try and do my own project with an arduino ethernet.

I began to think about what I wanted this project to do.

  1. Automatically close my door at night.
  2. Be able to open/close my door remotely, or by using my smartphone.
  3. Be able to see remotely if my garage is open or closed.

I decided to go the Arduino route, and began to look around where to get one from, and ended up at I decided to get their Adafruit ARDX – v1.3 Experimentation Kit for Arduino which comes with an Arduino Uno, a bunch of components, and a little tutorial guide on the basics you can do with the board.

I also went ahead and got the Arduino Uno Ethernet at the same time, as I knew I would be using this for the network connected part of it.

Investigating on how I would need to figure out what the status of the garage door is, I found there were a bunch of different ways, such as optical sensors, using an old android smartphone’s camera, and reed switches to name a few.

I went with the simple magnetic reed switch, also from

Next consideration, is how to interface with the opener itself. Looking thru the internets, it appeared there were a few options for this as well, first being connecting directly to the garage door opener’s contacts, second, by splicing into the switch that was on the wall, and third, and the choice I went with, is to use a wireless garage remote. By using a remote, which by weird hapenstance, I found while out on a walk in the middle of the big field behind our house, I am able to keep the whole setup inside the wiring cabinet in my house, and run one set of wires out to the reed switch.

Now, all I need to do is get it to work.. posts to follow about the progress on that.






3 thoughts on “Arduino Garage Door Opener.

  1. I know this was all written in English and having a four year degree I feel that I am fairly intelligent. But this made me feel like I was in statistics class and had fallen asleep and woke up in ” I have no clue what the hell you are taking about land. .”. Of course this is from someone who doesn’t even know where a garage door opener is.

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  3. Hello Adrian,This is my firs Arduino and I also want to make exactly the same thing as you did but i have stueblmd across a serios of problems because some of the code that I am using in my arduino is writen in romanian and I don’t know exactly what to change in my code.Could you please help me ? The thing is that my arduino has Temperature, Humidity, Pressure and light sensor and there is a lot of code I must go through.Kind Regards,Flaviu Vlaicu

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